Ginkgo Leaf earrings

Nature inspiration

Nature inspires many of us artists. Some ideas from nature are easily recognized, as in a landscape, others are more subtle or indirect. An example of direct inspiration for me is shown here in the image of my Ginkgo Leaf earrings. I absolutely love the shape of the leaf and I tried to make it in silver to look as close to a real leaf as possible.

This is rare for me, generally speaking, to make a replica of something I see in nature; typically, I look to the natural world for broader inspiration in the form of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures. Most of the time nature inspires me on many levels, not just in terms of design ideas I might get, but in terms of a sense of awe and wonder that lifts my spirit and brings me great joy. This feeling of joy is what I hope to express in my jewelry so that it has a ripple effect and touches the lives of others.

This is Big Luv Studio in a nutshell; doing what I love, striving to be happy and sharing my joy and inspiration with the world.

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