I have been a lifelong creative, always happiest when using my hands to make things. From mud pies to princess drawings as a child then exploring arts and crafts and cooking with my family, I knew that I wanted the life of an artist.  After art school where I studied illustration and sculpture, I had a pivotal experience on a road trip to move out west, specifically to beautiful Oregon. Travelling through the southwest I discovered my love of beads and began weaving seed beads on a loom that I made out of a cardboard box. I loved the colorful beads and the intricacy of weaving patterns and designs. Making jewelry satisfied my love of detail and I love to wear creative clothing and accessories, yes, JEWELRY! 

Over the years since my bead-weaving days I have explored many different art forms and mediums. I worked as a weaver for a fiber artist, made rag rugs, painted floor cloths and wall hangings and have made jewelry using polymer clay, fabric, beads and buttons. I even had a cookie dough business with a friend! When I decided that I wanted to try silversmithing I took a few classes at an art gallery and I was completely hooked! It felt like I had the keys to a magic kingdom!

As my jewelry work continues to evolve, the elements that I loved about weaving seed beads remains a common thread; love of color, love of design, love of intricate, detailed work, the meditative process and I do still love to wear jewelry! I have discovered a love of gemstones and the healing qualities they possess. My favorite thing about making jewelry with silver and gemstones is that the pieces will last for generations to come. 

My intention with Big💚Luv Studio is to design and hand make jewelry that will stand the test of time. These heirloom pieces you see here in my shop are little treasures to be adored, worn, held, carried as a talisman, perhaps, and passed from one generation to the next. These designs are not trendy or disposable in any way. Made with quality, precious materials and artfully created with skillful hands.  I sincerely offer these pieces from my heart and assure you that each piece is made with love and care. I extend that same quality of care to my customer service and always strive to make each member of the Big💚Luv tribe feel well-cared for.I am happy to make your jewelry dreams come to life if a custom design is what you are looking for. 

My jewelry adventures continue in my new home in New Jersey with my husband, Desmond, and our spicy feline, Caliente. I have two beautiful children, all grown up boy/girl twins, and two beautiful step-daughters, also all grown up. When not making jewelry, I like to take long walks, practice yoga, travel with Desmond in search of amazing food and spend time with our wonderful family. Being at the beach is always my happy place. 

Wishing you peace, love & jewelry!